Find More Prospects and Master the Best Sales Strategies to Increase Profits

what if

you were so skilled at selling that you were able to make the income to start investing and developing wealth?

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Does this sound like you?

You are Overwhelming:

You have heard so many different ideas from so many people, you don’t which strategies are right for you.

You are Discouraged:

You have been trying to work hard but you're not seeing the results yet.

You lack motivation:

You have a hard time staying motivated and feel it hard at times to stay focused and do the work necessary.

You are not consistent:

Some weeks you make sales and other weeks, not so much.

You are not consistent:

You don’t know how to sell like a professional and you often find yourself getting more no’s than actual deals that close.

If any of this sounds like you, then you are in the right spot!

I want to introduce you to my secret weapon called the

Before I do….Who is the Master Mind behind this program?

Hi there...

I’m Jerome Maldonado and over the last 25 years I’ve taken the best strategies in professional selling and put them in ONE course. I’ve been able to build multiple-seven figure businesses, grow an 8 figure net worth and mentor people from all around the world because of the strategies I share in this course.

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Find Your Personal Edge in Selling

Develop Sales Authenticity that You Believe In

Beat Negative Thoughts and Develop Winning Habits

Use a Step-by-Step Process that’s Proven to Turn Cold Prospects into Clients

Discover the Different Personality Types so You Can Connect and Sell More.

Implement the Advanced Sales Formula So You Can Make the Income and Impact You’ve Been Hoping For.

implement the advanced sales formula

so you can make the income and impact you've been hoping for.

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Imagine what the Advanced Sales Formula Could do for your LIFE and BUSINESS?

Imagine having prospects that are eager to buy your product or service

because you understand how to listen and lead the conversation.

Imagine getting a deeper understanding of the psychology of the buyer

so you can have the right conversations that lead to the sale.

Imagine understanding the different personality types

so that you establish greater rapport and build stronger relationships.

Imagine all that could be possible

with The Advanced Sales Formula Strategies

what's included?

  • Save $1,500 to the Advanced Sales Formula
  • Get Access to Your Own Personal Username and Password to Access the Online Class
  • Get Access to the Private Facebook Group with Other Like-Minded Members for Ongoing Support
  • Private Invites to Any of Jerome’s Live Training Sessions

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Get Exclusive Access to Interviews from Top Sales Professionals that Reveal their Best Selling Strategies.