“Everybody wants to get rich, but Very few are willing to do what it takes. The real truth is that persistence will make you win if you are in the right vehicle.”

- Jerome Maldonado

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Imagine getting access to the best strategies discovered in over 25 years in the area of Sales and Real Estate. Jerome shares actual life knowledge and practical steps you can take to get results and compound your success in his programs. The question is... do you want to work with Jerome in person or watch his online training?

You will find great value in both learning styles. However, Jerome wants you to pick the path that best fits you. Don't want to wait any longer? Click the button below to get instant access to one of Jerome's top-rated courses.

Want to buy Land and build a house?

Make 80K to 100K part time with real estate development.

The Real Estate Coaching Program was created to help to aspire and existing real estate professionals reach tremendous success in a highly competitive industry. Jerome’s personalized coaching will be exclusively tailored to help you best embrace the opportunities in real estate.


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commercial retail properties

how to make money in real estate

how to develop real estate


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Instead of buying over leveraged houses, that everyone is competing for, learn how to buy land and build houses where you will see larger profits and less liability. 

Sales training

This Is Not Your Traditional Sales Course That Is Full Of Sales Gimmicks. Our Training Modules Teach You How The Top 1% Of Business People Get Wealthy.

multi-unit properties

Inside Our Training, You Will Learn How To Invest In Commercial Retail, Office, And Industrial Warehouses. Making The Transition From Residential To Commercial Real Estate Will Give You A Larger Return On Your Investment.

how to make money in
real estate

Real estate is one of the best tax shelters for Americans. Learn the strategies to make multiple streams of income through real estate while maximizing your return on investment for each property. 

investment opportunities

Do You Want To Learn More About Our Residential And Multi-Family Investment Opportunities? Get Exclusive Access To All Of Our Deals.

how to buy land and
develop real estate for
massive profits 

I will teach you exactly how to buy land, develop it, and sell it for insane profits. Remember that empty lot you drove by? You can purchase it and turn it into profits in your pocket.


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