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you could get the inside REAL Life strategies on the most effective ways to invest in the Real Estate industry, start investing, and develop your own wealth?

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do any of these feelings resonate with you?

You are


You have heard so many different ideas from so many people, you don’t which strategies are right for you.

You lack knowledge:

You aren’t sure where to start and lack confidence in committing to a purchase.

You are


You don’t know how to find the best deals that will be the right investment.

You don’t know what to do next:

You’ve heard of real estate investors being successful, but you aren’t at their level yet. You need someone to show you how to make Real Estate a lucrative path to wealth, not just a hobby.

If any of this sounds like you, then you are absolutely in the right spot!

I want to introduce you to the ace up my sleeve that has helped me generate a Real Estate Portfolio of Over 20 Million- It’s Called the The

Before I do….Who is the Master Mind behind this program?

Hi there...

Hi there! I’m Jerome Maldonado and over the last 20 years I’ve taken the best strategies in Real Estate Investing and put then in ONE course. I’ve been able to build an 8 figure empire and mentor people from all around the country because of the strategies I share in this course.

And now….For the first time ever, ALL of the strategies are now yours!

Imagine Getting Access to a Course that Shows You How to Win in Real Estate including topics such as:

  • How to Shop for Investment Real Estate: Learn How to Find the Best Deals so You Can Know What Properties are Good to Start With.
  • How to Structure the Buy: Understand the Best Way to Structure Deals to Maximize Profits on Investment Properties.
  • How to Make Your First Purchase: Step-by-Step on How to Setup Your First Deal the Right Way
  • How to Manage Your Investments: What You Need to Know to Manage Your Properties and Portfolio.
  • How to Duplicate and Expand Your Real Estate: Learn the Multiple Streams of Income You Can Generate in Real Estate Investing to expand your investment portfolio. This includes Active, Passive, Residual and Investment Income.

The Good News is that You Will Learn All of this and More!

want bonuses?



Commercial/Retail Properties: Know Investment Locations and How to Prevent Purchasing High-Risk Properties.



How to Utilize Tax Benefits



Flipping Properties: Learn the “ins and outs” to the highest ROI strategies for “Fix and Flips”



How to Develop Real Estate: How to Develop Vacant Land And More!

think about it for a second.....

Imagine what the Elite Real Estate Society could do for your LIFE and BUSINESS?

Imagine being able to Feel Confident

in finding a winning property that’s highly lucrative.

Imagine getting the knowledge

on how to structure a deal.

Imagine understanding the different types of investing

and starting to build a portfolio.

Imagine having support and mentorship

to Help You Master Multiple Sectors of Real Estate.

to help you master multiple SECTORS of real estate.

what's included?

  • Save $1500 to the Elite Real Estate Society
  • Get Access to Your Own Personal Username and Password to Access the Online Class.
  • Get Access to the Private Facebook Group with Other Like-Minded Members for Ongoing Support
  • Private Invites to Any of Jerome’s Live Training Sessions